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Thursday, 29 November, 2007

Eye See

This one's a li'l long for a quickie!

At any instant 't'(yes,I'm an engineer!) my brain always feeds upon some or the other question or an issue-regardless of how irrelevant that topic is with what I am (supposed to be) doing at that instant 't'. No biggie! Everyone has their train of thoughts. I do too. So one of those thoughts was about invisibility. At some point of life we have all seen at least one movie about an invisible man. The two names off the top of my head are one of bollywood's classics-Mr. India and the other is from a place which is about an 8 hour drive from my place-hollywood that is-Hollowman.

Cut-to my point of interest-
No matter what movie you have seen in this regard,the most logical explanation for invisibility is that if somehow the light rays pass through an object(or in this case a person) then people won't be able to see the object (him/her) and thus we could achieve invisibility,at least on paper.

Let's hit the interesting part.
The theory holds true for objects.
But consider a person instead.
According to the theory,the rays should PASS THROUGH THE PERSON for him/her to attain invisibility. So the rays would pass through his/her retinas too,thus NOT letting the images of the objects and/or people surrounding the person to be created in his/her eyes,again:at least on paper!!!

This gives us an invisible person who is BLIND!!
What a price to pay!!
Next stop: Oblivion Blvd!
Say what?

28th november,2007.

P.S.-any technical(or should i say biological) mistakes found in this article can be reported in the comments section :D

The above piece is a work of fiction. No human eyes were harmed in the writing of this article.

Saturday, 10 November, 2007

The Rope

The Rope

He walks the rope into the bright,
and looks the dark behind his sight.
It wasn't that dark after all,
no wonder he didn't ever fall.

She walks her rope,
into her bright,
he is far away from her sight.

Tied were their ropes,
in due time,
five knots he sees,
make him smile.

The bright he knows,
Is the call,
he has to let go, after all.

The knots he sees,
growing small,
he wonders if they'll snap at all!

She walks her rope, oh so fast,
seemingly oblivious to the past.

His life he owes to stronger knots,
with ropes which remind him
how the brightness calls.

His wish -
her bright shall never die.

New ropes, new knots,
their ways to tie.

9th November, 2007.

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