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Friday, 7 May, 2010

And they said. . .

Sometimes, words are just not enough. But for what they are worth, I'll always be grateful to them. And of course, to the people they belong to -

It is the natural progression of things. You are either happy with what you have or you strive for something more, better, and the key point is that you, living your life, happens somewhere in that striving. I mean it surely sucks in the present tense, but that's not a reason that your future tense should suck too. Because if you are not doing anything worthwhile in your present limited tick-tocking time then you definitely have a reason to mope around.
 - Rohit Tenpe

You're the only one who really cares.

Never forget what you once believed in, even if you don't anymore - it is what helped you make your choices, when you did believe it.

A day when we wake up from our dreams, realizing that life has become an upside down tumbler with us trapped inside... we search for ways outside... a small crevice enough to gasp in a lungful of air, the primordial factor of sustenance...

Take care, stick around. The world is too full of mediocrity, and it takes a lot to keep going.

There is always a point from where it begins but it is totally upon you when and where you'll end it. 'It' being everything.

Enjoy while it lasts, and weep not when its gone.

When we do what we love we don't even mind losing, just the satisfaction of being alive for a while is enough.

No one has it all figured out. No one. If it seems like they do, they are doing a fantastic job of covering it all up. And you are doing a fantastic job of buying what they are selling.

Life is all about questions: why and why not?
 - Vaishnavi

Essence remains the same, expression varies.

Thank you for NOT copying

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