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Monday, 10 August, 2009

A promise never made

The bus roared away after dropping him off. Adjusting his shirt between his back and the bag pack, he started walking towards home. The familiar street did no more than watch him placidly.

The Recession (of 2008) had cost many recent graduates like him months of applying, preparing, interviewing and waiting for responses from a myriad of companies. Just two weeks ago, he was hired by one. That was his first job ever, and today - his first pay day. So, he thought with a smile, let me put my mind at ease for a while. That his story wasn't much different from million others' did not matter; that it was his story, mattered.

He had assured his parents of making arrangements with his bank to repay the monthly installments for his education loan. There were a few more trivial accounts to be settled. But all of that can wait one more night, he thought.

Approaching home, he saw a bunch of cheery kids hovering around an ice-cream truck parked nearby. For years he had spotted this truck being driven around the block, selling chilled joy. But he never bought one from it. Perhaps, it never occurred to him. "And you say you love ice-creams!" he said to himself mockingly.
Then, smiling complacently, he walked up to the truck and bought himself his favourite – a chocolate ice-cream.


  1. "seelling chilled joy"...aaah BEAUTIFUL analogy...!!! my god...loved it

    okay now, all comments are getting repetitive and monotonous, please post a BAD one:P

  2. nice one......but till the end i was worried somewhere if it coud have been us leaving Agami
    and what I got with my first pay check.....
    So true with me the promise never fullfilled....or yet to be made

  3. @manisha - As I told you, I love "chilled joy" too :)

    @pavan - thank you . but all bets are on your own risk :)

    @addy - lolz! agami is such an old, unfinished chapter of our lives!! forget it :)

  4. agami! :( i DONT KNOW what it is! i demand u tell me now!

  5. This one is brilliantly structured Shamanth... you are good mate...

    Keep writing...

  6. @mind - thank you :) and all the same for meandering into here :)


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