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Sunday, 13 April, 2008

The Slacker

"Study as if it were the last hour of your life!", snarled the teacher.

The class froze.

"Why would I..", he replied bluntly,"..if I knew it were the last hour of my life?"

The class giggled.


  1. Wernicke's Area13 April 2008 at 9:52 PM

    Abey! Sahi hai! LMAO~

  2. Doesn't make difference-Last hour ho ya First hour....or does it????

    But tune sab ke dil ki baat kehdiya hai yahan par....so true...."..if I knew it were the last hour of my life?", but kaun samjhayein unko???

  3. I visited your blog for the first time..Either ur blog is a laugh riot for me or I am completely insane..I wonder from where or what u read...post ur comments @ takitkool.blogspot.com

  4. thank u :D

    a lot goes on in my head....but ofcourse, always at the wrong time! :D

  5. ha!!! an intellectual sense of humor!! amazing!! :))


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