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Wednesday, 24 June, 2009


A gentle breeze ran through the branches, kissing many a leaves blithely. In a rush the leaves embraced their twigs, hiding each other, as if shying away from the playful breeze.

All but one.

The one leaf poised earthward at the end of the longest branch appeared rather quaint. It hung from a lone murky twig that boasted of being the last standing, or may I say hanging, survivor of the battered end – one of the few privileges of sprouting at the end of the longest branch. For reasons best known to them, all kinds of people would pull at it as they passed on the sidewalk. Those little frivolous kids did the most damage trying to grasp the branch by jumping furiously at it till they were weary.

Surviving the ravage all that remained of the twig was this one last leaf. Waking to the rising sun it drooped all morning like it was waiting for an arcane saviour. Over time it did not bother the other leaves which were deeper inside, closer to the trunk. They looked all the same anyway. Different shades blended to form a green mass that seemed to hide the husky brown trunk behind them mockingly. Even if they meant to, it was unnecessary. Wasn't it far enough from the trunk already?

It all seemed a distant woe the moment the zephyr tickled it. This leaf was the first to feel it as the wind blew from outside the tree, moving inward tousling the rest. In a sudden strong urge to chase and ride the wind, it found itself being pulled toward it. For a moment the wind seemed to look back in surprise at its sole admirer. But it all happened too fast for the leaf to notice. Farther the wind flew, the stronger it seemed to pull it in. It had never fluttered so steady, so sure. All it had to do was just give in and it would snap out of its misery to float around blissfully letting the wind carry it to distant lands. Any moment now it would embark upon its aerial flight.
Any moment!

At the zenith of that ecstatic moment awaited a grave thought - "How long would it last anyway?" - instantly choking the rush. Weighing the thought reluctantly, it saw itself lying trampled at the end of the street that was its horizon. It wondered if it could even see the tree from so far! Leaving home was easy, returning wasn't. This was the least it could do for the old twig. Hell! This was the least it could do for itself. It threw a last longing glance in the direction of the wind as if pleading for it to stay (the irony - how could the wind be if it stopped to stay - was probably lost to our friend in its recently found love for its abode).
With that, it let go of the wind and held on to the twig fluttering vigorously till it dropped back freely as the wind receded in silence.

The leaf? It had so much more hanging to do.


  1. FLAWLESS.....

    u have woven threads of emotions, sentiments and at last mystery too! and how beautifully, the knots are so strong.

    and now anyone who thinks trees are non living things! i ll tell then to read this:P u brought life to leaf:D

    at simplest level everyone gets a story, but deep down, one can relate this to one's own experiences....quite lucidly.

    and about ur writing, its beautifully carved! unusual and mesmerising, something that u havent attempted yet, and yes u have imbibed o henry:D

    i was sorry it didnt go on:(,,,but maybe too long a story would have spoilt the narrative. "How long would it last anyway?":D

    seamless plotting and a cackling pace...!!!!!

    i loved loved it....i swear.

    p.s. ur best yet, and am not exaggerating.

    pps- title's perfect....it fits awesome-ly!

  2. you have out done yousrelf!
    so beautiful...so innocent...


  3. It takes an experience to write this kind of story...This also tells the richness of thoughts you have...This also tells how have you been and how would you plan to be. This is just a perfect reflection of your desires.All the best.

  4. Its one of those stories. The ones which feel like they've been written for you.

    This reminded me of how much i love words, the emotions that only a evolved mind can feel, the questions it can ask,

    and of how much i love your writing.

    *how could the wind be if it stopped to stay*
    *recently found love for its abode*

    you wouldnt be surprised if i said i associate deeply with both of them.

    After everything in the past few days there were so many questions, i thought i had found the answer, but was still apprehensive but after reading this,
    i'm sure it is the right one.


  5. holy crap.....quantum leap for-word for u....your pre-frontal cortex and broca's area are running like lubricated lightning.....this cud probly win u somthin....plz carry it around to impress chicks...thats an order...

    p.s - i wanna smoke what u are smoking..

  6. @manisha : hail O. Henry! and i was a lil doubtful about the title before posting it! but u helped me decide otherwise :) thx :)

    @silly : thank you :) ! for stopping by and loving it :)

    @pavan : i didnt realised tht i was reflecting my thoughts and experience in almost every sentence, till i was done with it, one by one ! thank you :)

    @meg : the irony is my favourite part too, cuz it always strikes u wen u least expect it! thank you for loving my words more than i imagined :)

    @rohit : thanks :) and nice work with the pun ther doc! i hope the chicks dont read ur comment :) and u know very well wt i am smoking! so just go get it!


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