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Friday, 13 March, 2009

She Shines

Upright she sits, engrossed in her studies, untroubled by the bright of the setting sun washing over her. She scribbles, ponders, frowns and digs her bag, unaware that the sun twinkles in her glasses. She runs her fingers from above her temple, over her ear to the back of her neck. Meanwhile, her soft dark brown hair sails through shadow black to dusty golden yellow. Stroking her neck softly, she tries to stare the desk down.

Sinking in her chair she looks up pensive, as her neck arches out to bathe in the yellow. The light seems to diffuse with dust in her puff of exasperation.

Her eyes now turn to the cup of coffee standing tall at the corner of the table.

"One sip!" she moans, as her fingers wrap around.


  1. kya baat hai bhai...visually striking!

  2. Its hard to believe thats its just ur imagination....i think its a description of someone u saw??? isnt it..

  3. @ deepak : the gal with th glasses studying in th sunligh was for real..but th rest of th description is all my imagination. she was too far away from me to observe her closely :)

    @ aneesha : thank you :)

  4. beautiful..:) the description is just amazing.. i seem to be addicted to ur blog now ;)

  5. that might very well have been me. without the glasses ofcourse.

    Although i really do hate you right now. i have been caffeine free for almost a month but your perfect litany induces such craving!! :|

  6. caffeine free for a month!!!

    whats wrong with you ??? :D

  7. I dindt want to. i was forced to join CAA *caffeine addicts anonymous* because the daily intake had by far crossed 15 cups, even if you measured them with the 'cutting chai' standards

  8. Padhaiye/kaam pe dhyaan de mamu...:)


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