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Sunday, 28 December, 2008

And he flew

The stars were slightly more in number tonight. He remembered fighting The Dark Wreaker on the one right above him. Being a superhero can be so exhausting at times!

"Back to the stars!" he reminded himself.

Lying atop the airplanes passing by, he loved to watch the night sky. But this was too slow for him. Until just 300 years ago he would glide facing the sky to enjoy the stream of flowing light on a dark blanket. However, one fateful night he bumped into an aircraft which had just begun flying! He could never forgive himself for the lives lost in that accident. The people certainly did not, for almost a century!

A loud explosion in the distant woke him up from his trance. He turned to look in the direction of the sound and saw a bright red sphere of flame burning down what appeared to be a space shuttle.

And he flew.

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