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Saturday, 24 October, 2009


Rise! O Sleepyhead, lest you hit the desk,
Wake! O Sleepyhead, 'tis no time to rest;
The day beckons, it makes the call –
"Work and toil! One and all!"

Dream shall you not, slumped in your throne,
work have you got - go be a drone;
Steeped in the twilight, of a computer,
slog in your cube-dom, for bread and butter;

Slower by the tick, the day moves on,
by eventide, a headache you've don;

Wait! O Sleepyhead, wait for your foam,
Hold! O Sleepyhead, we’re almost home;

Draw in the shades, turn off the lights,
crawl in your bed and say Good Night;
Sleep may you now, sleep may you well,
Until the dawn ringeth its bell;

Oh but the sorrow! Oh what a loss!
Fate, it seems, won’t let you doss;
Sleepy you were, sleep not you why,
O Insomniac! How restless you lie!

23rd October, 2009


  1. umm...sum day I too wud like to taste that...
    being an insomaniac

  2. Arghhh...Story of my life.....:|
    And so well told! :)

  3. Such a sunday night-monday morning poem!

  4. @diwakar - go watch fight club and then decide if you want to taste insomnia :D

    @ashley - ah! the story HAD to be told! :)

    @atrisa - make it every night-every morning poem :)

  5. hehe so true so true...we are all a part of this circle..from start of day to night

  6. ah such love, such adoration!
    a truer ode to sleep, [or the lack of it, if you please ;) ] i haven't read.

    what i cant get over is how every line seems so vivid in my mind


  7. i need some taste of insomnia. Badly suffering from hypersomnia. May be its the smack.


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