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Thursday, 19 November, 2009

in my head, yet again;

the memories of,

a smile,
of the face, I never met;

a gaze,
of the eyes, I never caught;

the touch,
of the hands, I never held;

the presence,
of the being, that never was;

18th November, 2009.


  1. Love the imagery :) It's subtle but powerful.

  2. @ atrisa - thank you. i find subtlety to be pretty eluding sometimes :)

  3. Very very well knitted words. Loved them. :)

  4. You ARE a poet ! Dont have to wish to be one

  5. @mikimbizi - aah! thank you for the compliments! one day i hope to write about what i mean by "if i were a poet" (poiesis, as explained by Martin Heidegger) so you'll know how and why the wish is a constant, and perhaps, i will always like it to be that way :)

  6. *Sigh* **Applause**
    Beautiful as always..And it read like you were in my head! Except that never in a million years would I be able to say it so well... :)


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