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Sunday, 17 May, 2009

Something Beautiful!

"I want to write something beautiful for you," he would say, gazing deep into her eyes.

His left hand around her waist, firm on her back. The other on her shoulder, the back of his fingers kissing her cheek.
She would press against his arm, their eyes drawing closer. Transfixed, she would smile.

But he never wrote. Perhaps he waited too long.

"I want to write something beautiful for her!" he sighs - now that she is gone.

Will he ever?

Memories of her gaze follow his eyes. Her smile lingers below.


  1. oh. so beautiful! its always surprises me how you manage to say so much in so few words.


  2. 1. echo wid meg,
    @MEG: he always keeps praising other bloggers!!! and look how good he is:D

    2.so another imaginary, str8 out of thoughts story....subtle and shall i say surreal...

    3.well....i thot u cud have described his pain in some more intense words....doesnt mean d story had to be long....but i wanted to feel his pain, his incompleteness, his guilt, his solitude....so maybe if you could put in something about that....i would have rated this more than SHREYA:D....

  3. i just read it again. its as beautiful and *sigh*worthy as ever!

    @manisha exactly! ;)

  4. hey,..what made you write this one?


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