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Monday, 4 May, 2009


I believe in rebirth.

So when a part of me dies, a new part of me can come to life.

3rd may, 2009.


  1. daddaaa....its not like u have a choice in this matter....thts the same as adapting to whatever crap life throws at u ! if u don't do cut/delete/recycle bin d redundant stuff, ur(mine) fuzzy little head will explode....i guess thts ur famed philosophical way of looking at things....

  2. well..i guess we are on the same page then...
    just different lines maybe :D

    respect @ fuzzy little head will explode! cuz u can never make it as a doctor without any head :D

  3. ahhaa ! Percival Uylsses Cox !

  4. 1-> We can be defined as the sum total of the cells in our body, agree?
    2->Cells in our body die and are constantly replaced by new ones.
    3-> this process might have happened a million times over since we were born.

    So, who are we, right now?

  5. *ponders*

    hmm...interesting thought.
    in that case you are an entirely new person every other day if you BELIEVE that cells are all you are made up of :)

    Your thoughts, dreams, aspirations, faith, et al are a part of you insofar as you believe them to be.

  6. No this thought is strictly biological.

    although you must agree at some point that 'data-transfer' between the cells must take place for us to remain who we are.

    Warning: in event of the continuation of this discussion my geek-alter-ego will kick in.

  7. Reminds me of some South Park Episode. Born Again Christians.


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