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Monday, 25 May, 2009

Home is...

Home is where you walk into the aroma of evening breakfast cooked by your mother.
Home is where you walk into the nauseating fragrance of room fresheners set on 'High' by your cousin.
Home is also where you walk into the choking smell of your roommate's smokes lingering long after he has moved out.

Home is where your mother sends you back out to buy some grocery the minute you walk into a bunch of unfamiliar (and usually unannounced) guests smiling at you, when you desperately need to be alone.
Home is where you listen to your aunt's anecdotes during her tea break.
Home is also where you sometimes walk into your empty room looking for some company.

Home is where you bring spicy food to relish it all alone.
Home is where your aunt spoils you for a choice between a variety of desserts and sweets, right before dinner.
Home is also where you bring junk food to share with your roommates.

Home is where the maid washes your dishes - you gladly let her.
Home is where your aunt puts you in charge of the dishwasher - you gladly accept.
Home is also where your roommate offers help during your cooking turn - you gladly refuse.

Home is where you fight with your father for your movie over his news on the TV.
Home is where your cousins watch TV in their rooms upstairs, leaving the big one downstairs all for you.
Home is also where you share laptops with your roommates for entertainment.

Home is where your mother scolds you for wasting dinner at home because you ate outside without informing her before she took to the stove.
Home is where you always inform your aunt if you won't be home for dinner before she enters the kitchen.
Home is also where you call up your roommate and ask “Aaj khaane ka kya scene hai?

Home is where you rip your father off to pay for your birthday treat.
Home is where on your birthday, your aunt gets you a lovely gift that your cousin disapproves of.
Home is also where your roommates ask you what cake you would prefer for your birthday before they buy it.

Home is where you scribble rubbish on your study table, and flaunt it.
Home is where your uncle gets you a study table and you keep it spotless.
Home is also where you and your roommate sit on the floor to study with laptops in a mess of books and sheets all around.

Home is at the end of the curve bustling with people, vehicles, shops and hawkers – their noise eating the music from your earphones.
Home is also at the end of a lonely street which listens to the music from your earphones.

Home is where you simply love walking back to.

25th may, 2009


  1. Home is where someone is thinking about you.

  2. its so amazing ... what you have written ... home is also where friends come for a night over and you gossip ... you study together.. and your mom walks in with steamy coffee for all of you at 2 a.m. home is where dad doesnt sleep until you are back from your party.... home is where you have childhood albums stored in a dusty box... and everytime you open it ... you relive your childhood .... home is the place where you learn to live and learn to love ....

  3. Wow beautiful..your wrds touched a chord :)

  4. too good dude... very well portrayed.. Home is what you think about whn you are drunk and need to crash as early as possible.. hehe

  5. @ zaffiro : thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.
    @shanu : thank you and I am glad it did
    @mohit : thx :) and u sure r right bevde :P!!

  6. home is the place where dreams begin. home is the place where dreams are nurtured. and home is also the place where dreams come to reality..

    too good.. i also love the intertwined thoughts (comparisions) between bombay, uncles placs and our home..
    cool thing keep it up..laters..

  7. First of all, good boy! you follow instructions very well ;)

    Home. I know the inspiration and recognise the connections as well, makes it more interesting for me to read :)

    Again, brilliantly written , simple and goes straight to the heart.

    *now waits for the next one*

  8. I knew the moment I heard this blog from the HORSE's mouth....that everyone who's gonna comment on this is suddenly gonna feel something about their own home....but I wish you luck for being in your own home which will be earned and then you will definetly write something new which might illustrate new definitions.....and I will be there to listen to the very very Long blog then......
    Cheers....see you at Home dude........

  9. @meg : i am not tht good! :) its just tht my mom has no other option since i am th only kid :) and thx again!!
    *feels pressure* :)

    @addy : in fact i didnt expect tht people wud so eagerly pour in their thoughts. feels good to read diffrnt views :)
    and as far as my earned home is concerend...now tht shud be an intrsting deal :)

  10. i also second mohit's comment. that's the truest feeling ;)

  11. home is where the heart is!!!

    amidst pleasures and palaces thought we may roam,
    be it ever so humble,
    there is no place like home...

    i loved the way you have intertwined your three"homes"......its beautiful and smooth!!!!!
    loved the analogies....u r just getting BETTER:D...

  12. aaaah crap....its good, getting better ...

  13. Great one...here's my HOME....home is what u can see from your office building and smile in the busy hours....home is from where u can see ur office on a sunday evening and frown on the thought that u have to be there tomorrow...home is what u miss when u come back after days and nights of sleepless work only to call room service for whatever u can get to eat in 5 mins...home is where u hate to stay on weekends and want to stay on weekdays...and home is where u fly back from ur most successful days...to realise its only here that u belong in the whole wide world

  14. Home is where you every time think of doing /achieving something and never do it. But still dream of getting it done

  15. Home is also where you munch on thoughts of your future life..
    Home is also place where you think, what bullshit i was thinking...


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