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Tuesday, 7 July, 2009


The simplicity I seek,

is the most difficult to perceive.

7th july, 2009.


  1. mere 10 words....hw do u do this:) the simplicity of this post is NOT hard to percieve...

    p.s.heidegger stimuation?

  2. ah. you know what i think so let me not make my comment a blogpost-size here. it would only horrify me further, the lack of my frugality with words. now there i go again!

    *sigh :P


    beautiful as ever. and the words bring out not simplicity but the most profound of all complications in my mind but again you know that too so much of what i say is redundant!
    why do i bother. :(

    *ten words. ten words! @manisha, lets just kill him off shall we? we'll be at peace to write as many long-winding dirges as we please then ;)

  3. well, thank you guys for your "killer" appreciation :P

    @manisha - well, heidegger's influence runs too deep for me to distinguish it explicitly every time. so one way or the other, yes :)

    @meg - dont fret over ur verbosity cuz you know very well that the beauty of words lies not in the length alone, but in the content as well :) ur redundancy is a living example of such well-crafted beauty :)

  4. It speaks a thousand thoughts. Amazing.


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