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Wednesday, 15 July, 2009


I love every standing tree on earth, except perhaps the innocuous tall one, conveniently rooted outside my balcony. Occasionally, at dinner, it munches on my favourite part of the night sky – the moon. Mockingly swaying its branches, to reveal hints of the moon's luster flickering off the leafy edges, it hides only a few stars.
The rest simply blink with amusement watching me walk back into the living room without a glimpse of the hare.
Laziness is probably the only reason not to take a stroll on the streets at night without the tree in my face. Instead, I rue the lack of a terrace to our building.

14th july, 2009.


  1. Lazy ass.
    but you do love your balcony.
    and id let the moon stay away a while if i were you.
    the moonlight does funny things to my brain.

  2. the moon's playing hide n seek:P n u r letting it win again n again, eh!

    going up on the terrace or going down to the streets...what difference does it make:P


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