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Friday, 29 November, 2013


Life was supposed to be simple. Just that: Simple.
Italics, Bold, Underline, Quotes: None of that jazz.
Turn to a friend for a laugh. Drink the music of life. Ride the waves of imagination. Foster a few dreams. Live the moment, literally.

Then, start working - to earn a living.

The fact is, however, that the simplicity never really goes away.
It's right there, always. Just sitting under a pile of several other things.

All we need to do to reach it is dig deep. And then a little.

Happy Digging.
(Please, not your nose though. Not in public. That's just disgusting.)


Friday, 2 August, 2013

case (perspective)

S: WooHoo! I automated a part of my job that would take an hour of manual work before, but now takes only a couple of commands and is done in a few minutes all by itself! WooHoo! I feel so good! Yeah! Technology is great! Achievement is great! I'm so awesome! WooHoo!

W:  Aww honey! I'm so proud of you! Does that mean you'll come home early tonight, huh? Tell me, tell me now, now, now.

B: Great Job! Appreciate it. Here, take more work.

Tuesday, 22 January, 2013

Lord of The Springs

An early riser and a lover of mornings, you are ready at 7.30 am. You walk around the house with a spring in your step and an eager smile in your heart as you get ready to practice guitar lessons before setting off for the day's work.

A hater of mornings and of their lovers, the wife stirs in the bed.
You curl up next to her, kiss her good morning and see her smile in return.
"Beep beep beep", the dying cell phone cries in return.
"grrnnnhhhh", she grunts in return.
"Where's the charger?" you ask in honey-coated voice, "I was looking for it all over the place."

Not a big fan of mornings, the wife. Even less so of conversations or activities at the morn. Slowly, her hand rises and a finger points in an arbitrary direction. The spring in your step pushes the smile in your heart to your face and you out of the bed.

In a deep voice you start -
"Follow the finger ... to the endless recesses of the wretched wardrobe..."

The finger moves a little to the left.
"... to the unfathomable depths of the dark drawers...", you continue.

Down a little.
"... to the merciless chasms of the unholy shelves..."

"grrnnhh.. the plastic cover", says the groggy wife with great effort.
"... to the ever evasive grey plastic cover that is seen not by the mortal eye..."
"Ah, found it!"

The charger comes out of the bag and proceeds to revive the cellphone. Noises come out of the plastic rustling, charger clicking into the socket, a switch thrown on and the cellphone beeping in response and proceed to break the final thread of morning serenity for the wife. The rest was destroyed by your narration earlier.

"When will you be done with The Lord of The Rings?", she asks.
"Very soon my fair lady."
"hmm... may be you can read 'The Hobbit' after that."
"That you may be certain of", you reply.

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