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Tuesday, 14 July, 2009


Beads of sorrow
are unsung heroes of acceptance.
Heralding assurance,
they emerge,
destined for oblivion.

But, acceptance learnt
before the surge,
mocks their immense pride.
Selfless tears, loyal,
they stay,
dried up inside.

13th july, 2009.


  1. selfless tears, loyal,
    they stay,
    dried up inside.

    i ask them,
    why havent you cried?

    they say,
    we have stayed here for so long,
    looking for an escape
    in bliss or in sorrow
    but a thought comes by,
    stops at us and says,
    "acceptance learnt",
    we stop,
    realizing we are our master's bride.

    that was outstanding....loved every bit of it. i hope my interpretation here is correct, and accordingly i have framed my comment!

  2. What i think you already know.

    For here, it should suffice to say that i like this dash of honey to the plain vanilla :)

    and thats what this feels like,
    unexpected but welcome!

    And lets just make it official that you DONT like plain vanilla and cant stand to even look at it anymore.


  3. @manisha - that was a beautiful framing of your comment :) this is the first time ever i have a poem as a comment :)

    @meghana - I was lucky to find some honey hidden in the shelves, dunno how long my flavors will last :) but till then, yeah sure, its official :)

  4. God you are going great guns. You also sign underneath, in a fashion.. "remember the name, save the date - You will need to talk about this anyways :)"

    Btw, Nice Poem... I also like the commented one too :)

  5. I want to term this peice as 'great'. A lot of people have called a lot of things great. I want to undo all of that, and start it fresh here.

    Its wonderful how 'the way' you're saying something becomes 'what' you're saying.
    I love your thought.

  6. @Zlaek - Thank you very much.

  7. @Shambhavi - thank you for your compliments!! u make it sound so classy :D

    P.S. - sorry for the delayed reply btw, it somehow slipped out of my mind and i stumbled upon this today after so long :)


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