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Monday, 6 July, 2009


Like a bubble, blown
From a hoop
On a stick's end
Dipped in soap water

The mind,
Drenched with emotions,
Yearns to drift
In pristine poignance.

Can it, but reflect gingerly,
The world it sees,
Whose image appears
Poised in the bubble.

6th july, 2009.


  1. oh! the minimalist dreamer strikes yet again. and as always, this time too, he amazes you with all the intensity trapped in a meager few words.

    and makes you stop, think, and smile.


    *take a bow*

  2. Well thank you so much :)

    And I simply love the tags "The Minimalist" and
    "The Dreamer".

    They are MY trophies :)

  3. yes it can if the bubble doesnt break! :P...

    btw lovely metaphor dude....were u bathing when u thought of this...hehe...

    and d peom dedicated was beautiful too....:)
    kudos word-weaver !!!

  4. yet another post
    with great metaphors...comparing life and bubbles and leaves!!!! :) who would think of that..??

    you are truly inspired by nature!

    i loved the whole imagery....wish our mind was really like that, is nt it?

    another vote for the "minimalist" tag, hear meg?

  5. Voting closed and results out.
    Minimalist it is :)
    finally, you have a tag. although not a bad one and not necessarily something i can pull your leg with (me narcissist? :| )

    i wonder what was the point of this comment again... ?
    ah well ;)

  6. hey hey where's the "we can kill shamie" comment???..

    p.s.@meg:lets do it!!! :D

  7. @meg....i still cnt comment on ur blog:(( bwahahaha......it closes AUTOMATICALLY and says, operation aborted...!!!

  8. @manisha: that one's on the 'baap' of all minimalist verses; Often :P
    and lets kill him! *sure, why not* ;)

    as for the blog. i now figured out what the problem is. its IE. what you can do is type in the blog address directly into the bar. instead of follwing a post-link.
    or else, use Firefox or chrome :D they are loads better anyways.
    thanks for putting in so much effort! ill only assure you that atleast something on the blog will be worth all of it ;)


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