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Saturday, 24 May, 2008

Random Nostalgia

That was pretty much my survival kit in India during the later half of my engineering life.

"that's so random", "why the bagpack?", "is that sprite?" and "i dont get it", each punctuated with a confused look, have been the reactions to this snap which rests snugly on my desktop. I set it as my wallpaper about a week ago: the human mind wanders towards the end of a frantic semester. I can get insanely melodramatic, and of late nostalgic too, about random stuff, more so when time is a luxury for me: courtesy impossible academic deadlines.

A job during this semester to pay for my regular calls to family and friends in India, terribly mismatched online timings with friends in India, an uncertainty about when I can visit India and two of my close friends who are visiting India for the summer all add up to some random nostalgia. Fair enough, ain't it? That explains the wallpaper displayed above. The details of the same are as follows:

  1. The Bottle
    I sweat a lot. Hence, I drink a lot of water. In addition, it used to take me a mere 2-3 hours of commute in the soothingly hot and humid weather of Mumbai, from my home to my college - ONE WAY! The bottle, always visibly tucked in the side pocket, has quenched the thirst of millions of my partners-in-commute more than it did mine. But I was the one who always filled it up from the college's water cooler before heading home at the end of the day.

  2. The Player
    It is NOT an i-pod. It is a humble, compact and extremely user-friendly MP3 Player called Yepp manufactured by Samsung. And the earphones in the picture are by Sony which I had to buy after I accidentally ripped off my Samsung earphones. It was a sad day. Life moves on. The Player was the best birthday gift ever from my parents(the only time my persuasion ever worked on my parents). I treated it with the respect and the care that it deserved, and it smiled back at me. It still does. We have had our differences, but we eventually learned to outgrow them. My passion for music grew exponentially every time I listened to my favourite songs on it. It has helped me get through exams, vivas, results, TATA(Final year project days), stressful days, stress-less days and of course the eternal commute.

  3. The Bag
    A humble abode to the above two and of course books, journals, CDs, DVDs, index sheets, files, print-outs, wind-cheater, hard-disks, cd-writer, clothes, cameras and much more. I practically lived out of this bag for two years. It was one of the most spacious and sturdiest bags I ever owned. It survived the Mumbai floods of 26th July, 2005. Period.

24th may, 2008


  1. hey shamanth reading the blog just signifies one thing to me that u are missing India a lot..all the memories are so fresh in ur mind...
    neways nice blog again...
    keep writing.

  2. well of course i miss home :D

  3. hey!
    this is effectively ur first write-up since u moved to the US..
    More of these please..

  4. wt are u talking about?
    I have posted a bunch after I moved to the US.
    right from the post "time<=>money" till this one... all have been written in the US!!

  5. Wernicke&#39;s Area25 May 2008 at 9:11 PM

    Wow! 'The Bag' made its way to the post!! :D
    Now lets hear about 'My Foot' :P

  6. :D
    r u referring to my pic "my foot" in orkut?

  7. Wernicke&#39;s Area26 May 2008 at 7:30 AM

    yep! you had the funniest pics and funnier captions :P

  8. haaaaaaaaa ur bag!!!!!!!!
    cant forget...
    i think the bag had so much significance in ur college life that we used to check if shamanth is present, just by checking if we can see his bag anywhere...
    and about the bottle, its good if i dont talk more. coz i was one of those, whose thirst was fulfilled by the bottle [:)]
    btw its good to have old memories back shamie

  9. shammie.. "it was a sad day" MJ dialogue... ha ha... nice blog... nice topic too.. good work...

  10. End-of-day = "Abbe chal na second floor pe jaate hain, paani bharna hai" :)

    This bag was FAMOUS. Everyone knew if its chain didn't work or which+whose assignments it contained. A repository for all things C div, and THE place to look for assignments written using Shamanth's superb data compression algorithm.

    This bag had EVERYTHING.

  11. blogrolling me!! u shudnt evn ask!!! i ll feel proud *jumps wid joy!!!*


  12. It survived 26 July.Period!! Haha! Ever tried selling this line to the bag advertisers??? I think you should!


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