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Tuesday, 19 June, 2007

bachke rehna rey baba!!!

the title reminds me of the god-awful song "bachke rehna re baba.." from some amitabh-movie. its crappy tune is stuck in my head,as i proceed with my gibberish here.so if u want to feel my pain here....plz try to recollect the song u hate the most. ready? and now a lesson in r-r-r-ythm m-m-m-m-anagement.....let's begin---

the purpose of this blog is to provide an outlet to my ever-increasing frustration levels as a victim of the phenomenon "BAD MUSIC CAN FOLLOW YOU ANYWHERE!!"(from here on referred to as the plague). this catastrophic torture is of utmost importance to music fanatics like me.everyone may not feel the pain,nonetheless i'll carry on.

the plague is highly prominent and may have been victimising,plz allow me to be elaborate,millions from the time there has been music.but the simple ancient times didnt have the weapons of mass destruction(WMD) for the easy penetration of the plague,unlike of course the blessed present technological era. u wud be walking down the road as innocuous as a butterfly(spare the butterfly effect plz...) and BAMMM!! before u know,u get plagued by some himesh number playing on the fm station in the nearby paan shop. or u may be contemplating some genius reasons to come up with to explain ur low attendance to ur HOD while grappling on to the bus pole and BAMMM!! some connoisseur starts playing some nadeem-shravan gem on his sony erricson model with its speakers on full volume..how sweet of him to share his "taste" with the hapless crowd. so u get the picture...basically the plague is very much in our faces.

the WMD i mentioned earlier are as follows(next time try to avoid these if possible)--

AM radio never had competition except the for TV. yet,it still used to be haven for all the old gems---till one fine day FM radio ws launched in mumbai and i guess in various cities all over india. its initial guise of pure music and minimal yapping with appropriate air-time for both english and hindi music started to fade off as gradually the english tracks(rock,trance,pop,rap et al) were muted off the air in lieu of more n more hindi tracks.'no problemo' i wud have said had it not been for the fact tht most of the play lists r pathetically chosen and hazardously repeated till some new album is released.i mean how can anyone possibly like the song,"thaade vaaste...crap crap crap"-yet another himesh number. FM radio has infiltrated unbelievably into the daily mumbaikar's life. private buses,auto-rickshaws,paan shops,hell..my laundry delivery boy carries a pocket FM with SPEAKERS.

the huge loudpeakers installed in the pandals keep on spewing shit all day long at HIGH VOLUMES. wt cud be worse?

since cell fones r dirt cheap nowadays,mp3 fones r slightly above those rates. 3 guys out of every 5 may have a sony ericsson or a nokia music edition or a moto-fone with MP3 and so on. cheap phones have one disadvantage-any unworthy idiot may buy it(sorry for being very harsh,if u wish to...u can term me as one of them..i hav no issues with tht) .the problem isnt with the person being an idiot.the problem is wen th idiot becomes unworthy--and that is wen he plays his play list with its speakers on full volume. y torture ur co-passengers wen u can bloody use ur earphones. blast ur ears with watever shit u like...i dont care,but dont blast my head with ur crap..i dont do that to u with my garbage..do i? courtesy is wt these people lack and of course common sense.

there are many more WMDs but u wud kill me if i elaborated any more.so basically u get th idea of the plague and its portals. so just be careful from now on...i tried warning u...!! MAY THE LORD SAVE US!!

20th june,2007.

P.S.- sorry for all the times i have filled ur heads with my humming,if ever that is...:)


  1. Firstly, I am thankful you thought of Amitabh-movie rather than Rekha- Mallika song/movie :P ---- bachke rehna re baba
    Secondly, excuse me because, though I empathise, I have never felt the 'pain'in any intensity.
    Thirdly, you have written a fantastic blog. The metaphors used are simply very creative!
    And I am sorry but you lost me at 1. FM ............

  2. typical shamanth......pareshan aatma...anyways always count me in when it comes to this "pain"...never in my life have i hrd someone humming a metallica or a maiden song in a public place like a train or a bus...max u can expect is linkin park......are we listening to the wrong music...or are we always listening at the wrong place????????


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