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Wednesday, 19 March, 2008

I Swear...

A few feasible promises to self:

  1. Will buy a motorbike from the moolah I earn.
  2. Will ride it to RAIT, from the katta, on a Monday morning at 8, with my loaded bagpack, to attend the morning lecture.
  3. Will get professional training in tabla and guitar.
  4. Will try to improve my handwriting.
  5. Will grow up; well, at least will act all grown up.
  6. Will never stop being a lukkha.

18th march, 2008.


  1. Wernicke's Area19 March 2008 at 10:35 AM

    Woah! Motorbike! But would you be able to ... uh- huh ... umm... ahem ... handle its weight?

    And when were these promises made?

  2. oooohh... u wanna piece of me!!!

    for ur kind iformation..i have ridden bikes in my life.

    lets just leave it at that... how abt it?


  3. and these promises were made over due time...

  4. Wernicke's Area19 March 2008 at 10:14 PM

    oh yeah!

  5. oh yeah....!!!!


    bhavnaaonko samjho!!! :P

  6. What makes u swear all this???
    Still want to attend a lec in RAIT???
    U can never grow up.....:)

  7. dil chahta hai!!!!
    kabhi na beete chamkeele din

  8. hmhm.....grow up buddy, u owe a car to yourself now....

  9. N I bet u can never stop being lukkha!!!
    So dont bother promising yourself!!!

  10. abbey... u dont wanna drive a car on the route from the katta to my college...
    bike hi better hai...!!!

  11. u ll never forget katta!! it seems..heheheh..
    ui guess u must be missing katta more than we here!!

    wat say!!

  12. eventaully, promises r meant to be broken...

    n also i hve heard, (or rather experiencd) guys r not gud multi taskers :)


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