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Sunday, 2 November, 2008

Choose to Be

When someone lets you be, the least you can do is let yourself be and discover yourself through such being, which may very well be the truest form of affection.

It is just as essential to let go of each other, if the need be, for that is how you truly let each other be.

2nd november, 2008


  1. thank u.
    btw, i wrote these lines :)

  2. A bit more insight wld be delightful. Truest form of affection??? I fail to catch that point.

  3. @swetha:
    affection is really the pure fond attachment between individuals, be it friends, lovers, family or any one...it is such a feeling tht literally moves or elates u as a person. so its not specific as such...i wrote it such tht it is applicable to anyone in genrl.

  4. tujhe sabse jyada zarurat hai inki :D...

  5. really good shamanth.. didnt know that u had a flair for poetry/literature.. :) its awesome !

  6. Beautiful...
    these lines are just what i needed to give some objectivity to my thoughts today morning. Thank you.*earnest*

  7. @meghana : I'm more than humbled to know tht. *bows*


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