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Wednesday, 15 April, 2009

Somewhere I Belong

A nation could be well organised for the welfare and convenience of the public. But that increases the physical resemblance of most of its places to each other. Ennui is a frequent visitor to a foreigner in such a land; more so if the delights such a country has to offer are not quite accessible! So in the quest of finding some source of random excitement to keep myself interested, I found nature to be the most delightful companion ever. Sadly enough, I never attuned myself to nature so deeply while growing up in my own country. Well, better late than never!

My daily boring walks to the bus stop, college or home were gradually turning into beautiful new portraits every single time. Be it a tiny dew drop hanging from a blade of grass, the vast mountain ranges or the fluffy clouds wafting in the infinite blue sky.

Bus rides are quite sober in such a state of mind. Recently I was on one such ride back home to the city of San Jose. I was completely unfamiliar with the route of the bus I took for the first time and yet, to me, it resembled any other route. However as the bus entered a certain area, a sense of familiarity crept out of nowhere and I could tell we were in San Jose for sure, though I did not recognise anything in particular. Was it the streets, the people, the colour scheme, the parks, the trees or just everything? I had no clue. But soon I saw a familiar road and there it was. The city of San Jose, the place where I have spent the last 20 months.

Such a strong sense of familiarity with the place stunned me owing to the aforementioned resemblance. I suppose it is natural to get accustomed to your new world no matter how homesick you are!

14th april, 2009.


  1. umnmn......perfect title..okay i really want to ask you....is this after you turned to photography..??

    if no , i am glad you hav started noticing nature:) mother (nature) will be veryyy happy..
    as they say,
    what is this life, if full of care,
    we have no time to stand and stare..

    but personally, i would understnad this better if i was in your shoes!

  2. nice title, but a li'l deceptive... from my past experience of ur blog, i thot this wud on the song 'somewhere i belong', but there u r, again with a new different subject.

    this happens, unkonwingly ur body, ur unconscious gets accustomed to ur location, surroundings etc. that gives the familiarity feeling..

    nicely written mate..! long way to go...

  3. I'd like to quote something in return, something which you've already read, but still. :)

    Home is everything that is inside me
    Home is everything that I know and feel
    Home is feeling that I belong in my skin
    Home is here and now.

  4. As a matter of fact, I had not read these lines :)

    Nice lines they are.

    You never get tired of Home, more so when you are away from it.


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