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Wednesday, 16 December, 2009

I, Insomniac

I share a love-hate relationship with Sleep.
During the day it is deeply in love with me when, being at work, I ruefully decline to go to bed with it.
So it hates me all night, leaving me alone in bed.

15th December, 2009.


  1. So many of your posts revolve around sleep, it's incredible! Story of our lives...

  2. @ Atrisa - i would have to completely disagree ....sleep and me are quite intimate.....me thinks that u gotta master the art of sequentially shutting down your brain....

    @shamnath - have a chat with ur suprachiasmatic nucleus...maybe that will help..

  3. How do you come up with these sparkling ideas? This is such a terrific quote!

  4. @atrisa - Sleep is my heaven, which I never seem to get enough of!

    @rohit - gimme a map of the brain!

    @mikimbizi - the sleepyhead thanks you :)

  5. Hahahaa....That surely does help solve the mystery now...Doesn't it? :)


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