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Saturday, 24 February, 2007

1 missed call


almost more than a decade ago,wen cellfones were the LATESHT technology in india,very few of us may have had the chance to use or even see a cell.but gradually as the telecom industry flourished,rates wer slashed,incoming was made free,rates wer further slashed,handsets were made cheaper by the day and now DHIRUBHAI ka sapna has almost been fulfilled.ya thats right...having a cellfone isnt a big deal anymore.any aira-gaira-natthu-khaira like me has started using cellfones now. but i hav seen very few people who use this facility wisely.Seriously! so following are some of the trite situations which irk me off(arranged in ascending order of frustration)-

1. i m in a lecture(irrespective of how interesting it is!) and some one's cell rings.now thers a first time for everythin.may be he forgot to put it on silent,so u wud expect him to put it on silent now.but the phone rings again.now thats irritating!

2.i call up a friend on his/her cell. it keeps on ringing for a while and just wen i m about to hang up,he/she picks it up and

a)whispers,"dude,i am in a lecture(or a theatre)....i'll talk to you later!"
now y did u hav to pick up the call if u wudnt hv been able to talk to me at that moment? didnt u c the "call reject" option? first of all u risked urself by picking the call if u wer in a lecture or disturbed others if u wer in a theatre and on top of that BLOODY WASTED MY CALL! wow...lucky me,u'll talk to me later!!!

b)speaks slowly making it evident that he/she was asleep and says,"arrey...kya hua? i m sleepin now...i'll call u later" or "haan...carry on its ok..." and just tries hard to listen to my gibberish but hardly manages to stay awake thru it! then again i hav to hear the golden words,"arey i'll call u later".
wen u wanna sleep,u obvioulsy dont wanna be disturbed...SO Y DIDNT U SWITCH OFF UR CELL? or if u dont want to miss ur calls or messages U CUD HAV WELL PUT UR CELL ON SILENT(including VIBRATOR off!). and by chance if u had forgotn to put ur cell on silent,the least u cud do is just reject the call,switch it off and go back to wonderland. but no...! u hav to pick it up...make the groaning noise,put me thru a guilt ride and again BLOODY WASTE MY CALL!

wen i go to a theatre to watch a movie,i really dont want to hear some idiot in the hall going,"arrey i am in the theatre...unh...BLACK FRIDAY dekh raha hun..BLACK FRIDAY...BLACK FRIDAY...arrey range nahi hai...i'll call u later...!" bloody shut up dude! i dont wanna miss an important dialogue of the movie because some raju called up his bro to find out whereabouts of the chapatis.

having listed out my encounters,i wud like to admit that even i may have been a bit careless with my cellfone once in a while,but that may have been an honest mistake,cuz i always try not disturb anyone while talkin on my cell. so kaha-suni maaf...! i just hope people understand that cells are meant for us to communicate with each other efficeintly and not to disturb or irritate each other efficiently!

24th feb,2007.


  1. People be careful when u deial up or receive SHAMANTH'S calls...
    at least i will be.....

  2. hehe .. well said

    We'll take care of all these things b4 callin u up mister ! :D

    Jokes apart .. i do agree with some of ur views except tht rejecting a call whn u wont b able to talk like in theatre or so coz if thrs some serious issue wich cannot b avoided thrs no other way out but attending the call .. neways thts completely my view abt it so no issues with u ..

    Keep up ur good work of educating the masses abt the etiquettes wich v tend 2 forget sometimes !!

  3. * correction --> it shud hav been "b4 attending ur calls " :D

  4. hehe.....thx...
    n since u mentioned about emergency calls...if u hav to attend them,then u cud very well walk out of th theatre first...n then attend it..
    and anyway..some genuine cases are maaf..!

  5. Hehehe, nice observations.

    I'm very much guilty of 2. a) and b)

    Do I get a chocolate?

  6. good one shamie

    saale tereko itna observation karne ko time kab milta hai yaar
    mera lecture ka time to sone mai jaata hai

    anyways nice blog dude


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