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Tuesday, 27 March, 2007

me no wolverine

this one's a quickie....
try remembering all the times u hav fallen or bumped or tripped and hurt urself somewer or the other... fingers,hands,elbows,ankles,face,head--u name it...and the winners are of course my favourite the-oh we love u lots gravity-KNEES(atleast for me,they are--age no bar)!!!
so beat this(not sure if the pun is intended:))...
wenever i get hurt,i inevitably end up bumping into the same spot(the wound,that is) again and again even before the wound starts its holy journey of healing!
i mean cum-on,even wolverine wud be irritated by this.try punching him on the spot where he just forced out a bullet from and u'll know wt i am talking about...!!!

27th march,2007.


  1. hey shamnaath tht was really chotu blog
    wasnt in a mood to write complete or what?
    if its complete one then hmmmmmmmm not bad at all

  2. yeah! I know what you mean.


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