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Tuesday, 31 July, 2007

the dark mysteries of the shopkeepers-the vendorship of the the of the the.

ok...my bad.there are no myster-IES of the shopkeepers....none that i know of,atleast! but on a very wide scale(from vijay nagari annex to thane...isnt that VERY WIDE?) i have noticed one peculiar thing just a few million times and have been (hardly) trying to solve the mystery that i'll be sharing with u guys.so many of u may have very well guessed by now that i am currently as busy and important as a fly trapped in a closed jar with only one hole in the lid to let in the aroma of mouth watering sweets(i know my analogies are as bad as.....u know...)

we'll continue talking about some useless mystery of the shopkeepers.so according to my studies on the protocols of trading as followed by the shopkeepers, i have observed the following peculiarity innumerable times---

after having paid,if i stick my hand out to collect the change money back from the shopkeeper,he inadvertently puts the change right on the desk or the table below. in fact, when i observed a few of them carefully, many of them literally tried hard not to place the change in my open palm. GOD knows why!!

this is for real.

in fact,when i started doubting the shopkeepers of some kinda conspiracy against my palms,i started to stick out my hand more often to see if they cracked under the pressure,which sadly they havnt till date.... but i hope to rattle some cages and if we all join hands against this treason we may succeed in bringing down this tyranny against palmhood.

but till then i was planning on simply confronting one of my regular vendors and bust this mystery out. say wt?

oh...time for my morphine shot...brb

31st july,2007.


  1. typical shamanth....all have to say....hehehe

  2. Waiting for the exciting end!

    When does the hot chick come in?

  3. Oooohhh! I don't know why. But I know You Know why. Now, I don't know why you arn't telling us 'Why'?


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