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Sunday, 26 August, 2007


When I read the CRANE'S LAW: There's no such thing as a free lunch printed right below the FROTHINGAM'S FALLACY: Time is money, in the book MURPHY'S LAW(COMPLETE)-all the reasons why everything goes wrong- a collection of witty quotes related to various situations and streams of profession, for the zillionth time I remembered my weird-ass policy

Regardless of the product or the service we pay for,we are virtually BUYING TIME.

Now,then...once you are done with one(or more) of the following-
1. saying,"what nonsense,what a jackass!!"
2.saying,"aya bada philosophy jhaadnewala"
3.saying,"here he goes again"
4.making a payment for my supari.

we can continue with the explanation of my philosophy.I dont mean to prove I am right. This is a simple explanation of my postulate(it can get boring).

The minute a lady knows she is pregnant,the parents start planning for the new born.Knowing that the baby's gonna live for some unknown period of time,they start SPENDING on medi-care for the mommy so tht the baby gets the right nourishment,thus paying for the time period for which the baby's gonna be in the mother's womb.Once delivered,evrything frm the hospital bills to the baby food to the nappy payments is to ensure that th baby is alive and kicking,thus paying for the time period till the baby actually starts realising it is alive and is a person. And so on so forth. Toys bought for him/her-paying for his/her amusement time. Education expenses-paying for his/her 15 years of knowledge gaining sessions. Once he/she starts working or "earning"-the company pays for the time he/she spent for work. The food we eat and pay for-paying for the time we need to be energetic so tht we cud continue with our lives. All this pertains to the bigger picture-life itself.

Zooming in on the smaller details-
Traveling expenses-paying for the time we save while moving from one place to other.Buying junk food,which is not necessary,but tasty-paying for the time period tht we njoy the food.Watching movies in a theatre-paying for the next few hours of entertainment.heck..whenever we spend on something for TP-TIMEPASS-u r paying for TIME TO PASS BY. Buying a cellphone-paying for ur talktime/airtime. Even the simplest and the sweetest thing like buying a nice bouquet for ur loved one-paying for the time he/she njoys the bouquet and the following time u get to spend with ur loved one :) Finally it comes down to buying time-either for ourselves or for someone else-but time is wt we buy.

This topic itself has such depth that one naive post cant justify its implications. But hey...worth a shot!!!

Thank you for ur time. Try to think of this post the next time you spend money. Try to relate ur expenses to some time period,if anything, it may bring a smile on ur face-which of course is free of cost. :)

25th august,2007.


  1. too good.... truly agreed
    We spend and earn during our entire lifeTIME.


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