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Saturday, 22 September, 2007

huh..? wa..?

can i ask u something?didnt leave u with any choice there,did i?is it wrong to question?why do people think u r under tension,when u ask some questions?cant they just answer ur queries and move on with their lives?am i being very annoying now?do u see a pattern here?cant i just post some random questions here?is it grammatically incorrect?does anyone even bother?whatever happened to random motion of free electrons?have u ever wondered why we all are even here on this planet?what is the purpose of life anyway? am i being too philosophical or is it somthing which is on evryone's mind?dont u sometimes feel like just flying off to some place quiet and aloof?why do we keep on making the rat race even harder for ourselves?isnt technology supposed to make our lives easier?but then why do we try so hard to make our lives easier?how does it become easier then?y does it always have to be "kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padta hai"?does this all even make sense to anyone or am i the only jerk who is rambling like a monkey on dope?can i take a break here n go take a bath?how long do u think i had gone?is global warming true?dont u hate it when someone u like doesnt help u out?dont u hate it even more when someone u dont like asks u for help?dont u hate it the most when someone u dont like HELPS u?how do we know "sab theek ho jaayega"?why are we doin all this anyway?what are we gonna take with us when we die?am i being pessimistic?do u think anyone has ever posted so many questions on blogger?arent u thinking,"how pathetic is he to post random questions,instead of writing something intellectual"?why do i hav so many questions?who r we to decide what is good and what is bad?how many comments will this post receive?why do we need to be governed if we r free?what time is it?am i forgetting something here?cant i hate cricket?who invented blogging?who is the real slim shady?why do so many movies have names starting with 'the'?wt time is it?did i repeat something?why himesh?can i break the pattern for once now?what if i did?wt difference wud it make anyway?dont u hav some important work to do?r u wondering when i will end my fire round?can u tell me one thing?what is the best way to end this gibberish?

22nd september,2007


  1. Awesome post, dude!

  2. can i thank u bhai log?
    but,whos the second guy?

  3. wtf man?y did u post ds?y do NRIs do ds 2 us?do u guys think v r job-less?wtf m i doin here?wtf m i SUPPOSED to do?WTF do u expect us 2 do?rd such craps(!@^&#$@)?y dont u understand ds just a snap-shot of wt u do 2 us?bt more imp is will u ever understand?y de hell do u think,m still KIDDIN???????????????????

  4. phew exhausting......but questions running in htorugh every ones mind!!

    i loved the sudden desultory thots which u hav interspersed in btwn!

    oh btw, its 11.58am

    it's 11.58..am

    see wikipedia for who invented blogger:P

  5. *the predator becomes the prey*

    this you would not have anticipated 22 months back ;)

    for those who were victims of this post, breathe easy, for you have been avenged.


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