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Saturday, 30 December, 2006


we have the option of using a BLANK PAGE as the homepage for our browser. any new text document is also BLANK.we get BLANK cds,dvds. we can just "shift+delete" n everything will go BLANK(ur heart-attack after losing out on ur data is a different issue though..).....but have u ever wondered..."can i ever blank my mind....completely(ofcourse wen i am totally awake n conscious)...?"

just try it out once...just sit in a room alone...turn everything off,n try to think of nothing..! i mean NOTHING! no tunes in ur head,no worries of catching a bus,no thinkin of the assignments,no nothing ...literally NOTHING!

i have tried n failed N number of times. i havnt ever been able to BLANK MY MIND for more than 5 secs. the nearest i cud get was to think of a huge white screen n nothing else...but HELL..then i started thinking that i am thinking of the screen...so how can i NOT BE THINKING...? i hope u get my point here...

i am serious...i have never been able to think of nothin ever! thats wt irritates me the most about the human mind or the brain. it is so difficult to have control over ur thought process sometimes...like wen u r in a temple n u c a hot chick...u really dont want to think about her as HOT...cuz u r in the temple....but then how many of us can really turn that thought OFF immediately?(if u can...then hats off to u..!) or say u have a terrible tune in ur head n u want to get rid of it...can u really switch over to ur favourite song immediately...? though i am deviating here from my topic,wt i am trying to point out is that it's really difficult to control ur damn thought process..n thts y i find it difficult to blank out my mind.

so try it out...blank ur mind for once.....or in reese's language(for those who watch MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE)--"try to shut ur brain down" and if u succeed...plz feel free to boast about it n rub it in my face in the "comments" section for this blog.

30th dec 2006.


  1. Did it once. Can't seem to remember it though.

    Seriously, nothingness cannot be a thought. You cannot consciously think of nothing because we don't know what "nothing" is. Emptiness is not "nothingness". Am I sounding like a hippie?

  2. seems like u know a lot about nothing...!;)

  3. the blankness u r referring to attain is nirvana tht the saddhus hve been trying to achieve for years coz they believe tht till mind is nt devoided of thght god cannot b seen . So u r trying to accomplish a pretty tuf task......... but still all the best...............

  4. hehe .. truly well said shweta !! i agree with u completely ..

  5. @Jain: Me don't think trying to achieve loss of thought is logical, let alone possible. Thought is the only proof we have of existence.

    The idea of God itself is a thought, so if we do "see" God after reaching a state devoid of thought, we're still thinking of God.

    The "Nirvana" that you're referring to is a state devoid of emotion and attachment to all things human, and not one devoid of thought. Infact, isn't the path to attainment of Nirvana itself is "by insight (vipassana) alone"?

    “No longer with (subsists by) in-breath nor out-breath, so is him (Gotama) who is steadfast in mind, inherently quelled from all desires the mighty sage has passed beyond. With mind limitless he no longer bears sensations; illumined and unbound, his mind is definitely liberated.” - From Wikipedia.

  6. nice comments guys.....all i can say is that trying to stop thinking is equal to trying to stop your existence.....just try to analyse it this way.....can u stop ur heart at ur own will?....can u tell ur stomach dont digest the food i have just swallowed?.......i thnk similarly even ur mind is to a large extent invariable.

    i am just a bit against this idea of not thking at all....y do u want to do tat when ur ability to thnk is the only thing that distinguishes u from other living beings....

    well at the end , does it really matter whether we are thnking or not, or is thking and acting accordingly more imporrtant than just plain tghts.....give it a THOUGHT guys

  7. @Karta ..
    The afore mentioned thought is not something I have expressed as a figment of my active imagination...and is also not a new one.

    Every religion, every belief, every faith has some pillars which define the form of god.............you have expressed your opinion in form of an individual and I have expressed my opinion based on a view I have heard for long... so I would really respect if people stop taking it as a cue to start a debate. As of moksha and nirvana , I would just like to point out that every religion provides us a path to go near god and has its own definition of god....some believe in IDOL woeship and some don't.............so at the end of this long and endless blabber , I would just like to say that its the way u perceive the entity called god that defines u'r perceptions related to it...........as for me... i believe that blankness for me defines white color which is amalgamation of all color..........i will truly experience blankness when i have experienced everything and the quest for something new will be satisfied........then I will be at bliss with myself and for me this bliss will be a path to god.


  8. hey...no ones questioning anyone...infact we all r trying to answer the same question in our own different ways...so ther r no debates here...

  9. Ur comments section is equally interesting as ur post!

    Only time I experience complete blank blankness...is..during exams!!...atleast during the initial 15 min..nd am sure atleast few can relate to this

  10. "so I would really respect if people stop taking it as a cue to start a debate."

    Sorry for that. Guess was too opinion-pushy there ;)

    Just that its one of the very few topics that I AM staunchly opinionated about.

    I guess this little debate warrants a new blog entry at the Kaartarchives.

  11. But Marge, what if we chose the wrong religion? Each week we just make God madder and madder.

  12. ur blog interested me.....thought of trying it out....
    well blank...closing my eyes hard nd sitting in a dark room nd trying to go blank...tried but i had to think i hv to go blank..to go blank...i hd to think abt hw to go blank...so ready...closed my eyes this time harder...everything dark nd i could visualize blank i mean the 5 letters which formed the word blank...sitting there rock solid every element of me was thinking hw to go blank.....switched on the lights...pls....sm1 help me how to go blank....impossible....

  13. hey anonymous guy/gal....
    thx for tryin it out....btw...u cud tell me ur name atleast..

  14. hey guys i have written somethng onmy blog related to this just have a look, was too big to fit in here


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