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Wednesday, 13 December, 2006

wt do i write?

so heres my first web log....i mean blog(spare the newbie...)...i practically dont hav anythin on my mind right now,Y? cuz me is in the middle of 6th sem xams...and my dear friend KALE-the kaarta-has found a new way to keep me at one-room-distance from my "sweet li'l buggers----THE BOOKS" ,by tellin me abt this new blog thingy....(ya laugh it out....i learn abt tech things a bit late,so much for the "TECHIE" in me...! me no fast upgrader..)...so comin back 2 point..."wt do i do here?" is my train of thought cuz as i said....the xam pressure... along with the pressure of my parents forcin me 2 score a 70 atleast once in my engg.life(yeah right..me=70=possible...lolz) so now tht they r out 2 shop for some grocceries.....i m sneakin out of my "study table" and writin this blog within the short 15min window tht i hav...(a knock on the door is expected anytime now)...so lemme think....thinkin,thinkin,thinkin....crap..nothin 2 write...kal COA ke paper mein jo itna likha..wt possibly can come out now...?some basics of SCANNING, CVS,MONOCHROME TV...oh HELL y wud u be intersted?..anyway..my parents r here now...and tht means i need to end the blog and atleast pretend to study,to escape the wrath of my dad(who is already givin me khunnas(the LOOK...for u angrezi babus..)

oh sweet books,embrace me in ur pages.......aaarrrgggghhh...!

23rd may 2006.


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