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Wednesday, 13 December, 2006

wt crap..!

long time,no c no blog...thats cuz i was "busy" with my "exams".thts right....my exams....3 long,mind-numbingly boring weeks of exams...u shud actually b surprised, hw we engineers survived this torture?..i guess,it's cuz of our interest in the subject,dedication towards learning more and new things...and learning how to face challenges in the most appropriate way(..YEAH RIGHT....i can already hear many giggls..).i guess engineering,or for that matter any course based on semester system teaches u one important thing....

WHEN U ARE SURE U ARE GONNA BE RAPED.......THE LEAST U CAN DO IS ENJOY IT!(with protection..if possibl)

so now tht my exams are over,i can heave a sigh of relief...but much to my books' disappointment,i'll have to start using them in a day or two,owing to my GRE on july 10th.GRE is a side-effect of engg.some others to be mentioned are..CAT,PLACY.usually placy is accompanied with one of the above mentioned,(placy+gre,in my case)but in rare and extreme cases,the patient suffers from all the 3 syndromes,mentioned above.such a disease needs to be cured immediately,cuz it's highly contagious..!

speaking of contagious,i've caught the current football fever..thanx to my friend SHRIRAM CHARY,jiske liye DUNIYA GOAL HAI.anyway man,football is a gud game,atleast much better than cricket. i am thinkin of followin it regularly...lets c if i actually can.

11th june 2006.

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