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Thursday, 14 December, 2006

music v/s drugs

so u meet a guy at a rock concert..n u r like...oh...so u too listen to rock...? wt do u listen to...? oh...metallica,i listen to megadeth...ya even creed rocks man....and so it continues. one thing PROBABALY(thts just my opinion...no generalisations here...)both of u r dying to ask each other is "so do u take drugs...?"..considering the "holy" atmosphere around u in a rock concert. i mean wt is it with rock music and drugs or for that matter rave music and drugs...? "i do it for the kicks man.."...someone better KICK u in ur rear. so i thought...y not compare the two things? n oh..wts tht..i have an incoming thought...ofcourse.....blog it out..cuz u r a good-for-nothin engineer at home during vaccations,not that we r(atleast not many of us r) any good wen the college is goin on...
so here it goes...

music is legal
music is cheap(almost free..) n available more easily.
u cant use drugs in front of th cops
u cant advertise drugs
u cant have award functions for best drugs
u cant download drugs for free from the net
u cant transport drugs in ur player
music isn't injurious to ur nervous system.
u cant replay drugs once used
u cant have a drug video
there is no such thing as a drug about music(atleast not that i know of)
u can share music without any fear of getting caught.
(one very important difference)u cant copy drugs n maintain their back-up.

music elates u .drugs create an ilusion of elating u...whereas u r actually drowning
music brings u closer to ur self.....drugs take everythng away.

taking drugs u ll faint for ever ....but listening to music u can't faint .......(Linkin Park)......:P

so wt do u think...? neat enuff..? if u have any more points to be added up in this...feel free to tell me...i'll add them happily..

15th dec 2006.


  1. hey nice one.......one of the even i have wondered very often......well some comparisons from my experiences with music and illusions about drugs

    music elates u .drugs create an ilusion of elating u...whereas u r actually drowning

    music brings u closer to ur self.....drugs take everythng away

    many more .....for now this is enuf i guess


    taking drugs u ll faint for ever ....but listening to music u cannt faint .......(Linkin Park)......:P

    kinda weired sense of humor .....

    CAIO n ROck(without drugs)

  3. Good work Shamie !! keep it up !!
    It really shows how good u r at analysing things and u prove ur point extremely well .. go on xploring :)

  4. *scratches head* Myu-seec? Draag-s?

  5. People always keep saying that Floyd sounds better when you're high. I tried it at Ooty, but it didn't work.

  6. hmm wid music u cant HALLUCINATE about thngs...:P...
    i wud have never heard about IIT if it werent for DOPE..thnx to ASHWIN..:P
    shya if it werent for drugs we wud still have had...many 70s hippy artists alive...
    and ERIC CARTMANN wud have kicked more ass..........HATE-CRIME:P

  7. Yeah...quite a discernin person..aigh(Mr. Burns style,"Excellent"!!)
    I dont need drugs, neither to elate myself nor to enjoy the rock music...though i'm sure i do both the things quiet satisfactorily!

    A very serious thing i read abt drugs in a good book written by a psycatrist(never mind the spellin!!): "some people touch the astral planes by takin drugs, but they do not understand what they have experienced. But they have been allowed to cross-over"

  8. Man...what a comparison!!
    Never thought music and drugs wld be sooo similar!!(pun intended)

  9. Misconception No.1: Drugs are not taken to make the music better. the music is ALREADY the best!

    Misconception No.2: the guys at the rock concert are not 'dying' to ask whether the other does drugs. Chances are they're already high ;)

    OK, i admit it, the connection of rock music to drugs is unavoidable. But why blame the music? or the drugs? or the dope-heads?

    Why DO we do drugs? i dont know.. why do we drink? or 'make love' or bungee jump. We all want to FEEL the rush, the egde-of-life feeling whcih you CANT get from "taking the No.9 bus to office every morning"

    And anything done in moderation is not bad.

    All im tryin to say is derogating "drugs" itself is not fair.
    Condemn the abusers if you really want to, but then again, Dont, its their life. ;)

    And lets face it, by the time you're actually addicted you're not in ANY position to listen to music let alone be influenced by it,
    So, i rest my case.

    Fly high! :D

  10. Why do ALL my comments here turn into full-post-size ones!



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