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Thursday, 14 December, 2006


namste dude-log.shamanth here. as the vacation mood has set in..i'll try something i have never done before practically,but have done a million times mentally,every time listen to my favourite songs--dissect it thoroughly,bit-by bit and beat-by-beat. inspired by roy's analysis of YEH HASEEN WAADIYAAN,i'll b trying my hand at this...dunno if it'll be good....so spare me if u find anythin boring..

first up...lemme start by paying my homage to the GOD of MUSIC-"MR. AR RAHMAN". many of u reading this may or may not know(i know...a poor statistical guess) that i am a fan of his music since i can remember....
so anyway...i'll start with the analysis of one of my most favourite composition of the maestro..."DIL SE". if u want to njoy the analysis..i would suggest u listen to the song using earfones/headfones while reading ahead.....the effect is totally awe-inspiring.

DIL SE(6:41)

the song starts with a systematic heart-beat-kinda drumming,gently garnished by synchronised bass-guitar plucks and the periodic bell-types sound.(this is the basic rythm of the song followed right through the end of the song)

after the first 4 sets of beats at the end of 8 secs,the soothing voice of rahman gradually fills the air for the next 2 set of beats.

the singing starts with a BANG,and a south-indian accent. it continues till 0.28 secs and the same is repeated from 0.29 to 0.45. this piece ends with BANG and rahman's voice fades away like a scream in a desert would.

a 4-beat filler..building up the effect.

the singing resumes at a much lower pitch(compare it with the pitch in th first section of vocals..this is not even the limit of rahman's vocal range) with the same beats in the background till 1.12,where a light-hit metallic-kinda beat (3+2-kinda-rythm) is heard a bit louder in the right earfone than in the left one(thts wt i think..!). it continues till 1.23. th vocals continue as usual till 1.37 wher the metallic 3+2 beat starts again,but this time at a different line(dil toh akhir dil hai na...),while previously it starts at a later line(pi(starts here)ya piya...piya na piya..) n continues till 1.54. the rest of the segment ends with a rahman-style-weird-lingo-chorus,with a complicated combination of different set of beats..on either side..i mean right-earfone(the same metallic sound in a different rythm) n left earfone.

a different sound starts..probably which sounds like something the DJs usually do..(not hardcore scratching though..). the chorus n the instrumental fillers are alternated,while the complicated combination of beats mentioned above continue right through the segment.

again rahman swoops in with the first stanza..n the chorus joins him,at 2.55,as if from the back of ur head
(effect is perfect if ur still with ur earfones..n not with th speakers),but with a slightly different lyrical-combination at select words..(try to figure it out...!) the segment ends with a heavy-duty-huge-drumming.

the vocals continue,with a short piano-keying at 3.19-3.20. the vocals repeat and end with a falling-effect-types vocals+metallic-sounding-drumming

the stanza ends with a a set of two differnt-pitched voice of rahman.NOW comes the SOUL of the song..one of the best fillers ever composed..! at 3.55 a basic-rythm-building acoustic guitaring fills up till 3.59(slightly louder at th left side). a sufi-style background guitaring starts at 3.59 with an out-of beat-style wooden beat,like a drum-sticks striking effect (louder at the right) till 4.19. Now starts the foot-tapping lead guitaring while the background guitar mentioned above continues with a rythmic bell-types sound on the left-side. the lead finishes off with a heavy-duty-drumming.

rahman strikes again with a slowly rising voice with the chorus joining in at 4.53 at a low volume. the combination of left-rigth beat combination sneaks up.the
short piano-keying reappears at 5.14 and the stanza ends with th same falling-effect-types vocals+metallic-sounding-drumming.

the chorus and rahman's vocals are interleaved in a very asymmetric form. the chorus ends at 6.03 and rahman exhales slowly till 6.18

the soft-spoken background score keeps on going with a few low-volumed flute spikes alongwith the drums n a one-time needle-type sounding chime-beat or smthng at 6.20,as the song gracefully fades away...only to make u wanna hit replay.

i hope u didnt doze off in th middle of the blog....but if u did...then u wouldnt be reading this...so never mind..and dont be shy to send me hate-mails for making u guys go thru this.

dec 12th 2006.


  1. So shamie...nice name yaar..gettin back to the blog..cool dissection...even rahman must not have thought of so many things...awesome!! try RDB songs too...now that it has been nominated for oscars..just a personal request!


  2. sure...thx a lot...th songs will turn up slowly...

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  4. hey shamie..
    ur description about dil se is downright perfect to each and every detail i think of everytime i listen to rehmans music

    keep it up man!!

    especially the part
    the chorus and rahman's vocals are interleaved in a very asymmetric form. the chorus ends at 6.03 and rahman exhales slowly till 6.18

    really done well!!

  5. great! i completely enjoyed the song while reading this post... very accurate description... great choice of words... u've got some talent...

    by the way, in case you are wondering who i am: i landed here when i googled for "who played drums in dil se title song" - your post shows up first... [:D] ... keep it up


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